Did shaved head Prince William use the best head shaver?

Prince William shaved head

Members of the British Royal family have never enjoyed the best head of hair. Prince Philip, Prince Charles and his brother Prince Edward all went bald early.

Then his son Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge began to lose his hair at a young age.

But unlike his father, uncle and grandfather, 35-year-old William has embraced the full shaved-head look.

He unveiled his new look in January, 2018 while visiting military veterans working at the National Health Service.

It’s a look loved by many of you – that’s why you’re reading this website after all – but not one you would normally associate with the Royal Family, who either try and comb over or just cut their hair short and neat.

We’d love to know what Diana’s eldest son used to shave the Royal locks. But protocol means even if he was asked, William would never mention which best head shaver he used.

It remains to be seen if his younger brother Prince Harry will follow suit – although it’s a fair bet he’ll be thin on top in a few years.

Poor William has been the subject of some playful jokes from Kate, who in Australia in 2014 joked that her husband could use a tuft of alpaca wool to cover his bald spot.

Don’t know about you, but we think he looks far more majestic now he’s gone for the full head shave.

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